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1% of the Value

Assistance in finding the right property that best suits your client's Demands and Criteria. Assistance in drafting the contract and in pursuing the procedures for registration of Property in ZVRPP.




3% of the Value

The best quality service in the market on the procedures of selling and buying your property; legal assistance, calculation and clarification of the obligations you have to pay for the sale process such as: Profit Tax, Notary Agreement, Release of the inscriptions at Property Registry Office etc.




One Rent up to 15% of annual rent.

Professional assistance not only in locating clients but also in their selection, assistance and home-help assistance according to the trends of good clients for the possibility of obtaining a better lease.




50% of rent up to 1 Rent

Assistance in finding a quality property according to your specifications and requirements reaching an acceptable price and pleasing to you. Assistance with necessary services: electricity, water, Internet, Telephone, Administrators etc.


property appraisal 


50 Euros up to 500 Euros

Our expertise in the immovable property market for many years already, the transactions performed by us and our agents, the entire database of Mei Properties, and our very detailed information on the transactions performed makes us a point of reference for Estimates not only by individuals but especially by domestic and international financial institutions, domestic and foreign companies operating in the real estate market, construction, investment etc.


Mortgage assistance 


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The cooperation agreements with the banking system, the contacts and cooperation we have with them for their assets and their demands for our services makes us have the opportunity to offer the best assistance and expertise to accelerate the process and achieve the most while also assisting you in negotiating contracts with the banking system. Our constant contacts with us make us have the expertise to guide you which bank has the best conditions for a certain period and for a certain product